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Judy Akin: Press/CD Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars: Ultimate mood music!

This review is from: Timeless (Audio CD) 

Ultimate mood music!

on November 23, 2013

I love this music by Judy Akin!
She touches my heart....brings back special memories of my family and life.
Her voice is so soothing and can either lift me up or relax me and help me to fall asleep.
It's wonderful dinner music when you have company over.
What a beautiful collection of songs, sung by a beautiful woman with a fabulous voice.

P. Frazee - (Nov 23, 2013)
5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Album, May 19, 2011

By Bob Scott
This review is from: More Than You Know (Audio CD)

What a delight to find this album by Judy Akin. She has a voice that can be soft and mellow on meltdown love songs, but don't let the beautiful blue eyes and blond hair fool you, she also has the chops to take on blues tunes like "At Last" and "Since I Fell for You". On standards like "More Than You Know" and "They Can't Take That Away From Me" the arrangements are clean and simple guitar or piano, and though her voice is quite versatile, she seems to know when to not over-elaborate, unlike some other singers. My favorite is her jazzy update of Hoagy Carmichael's "The Nearness of You". While others keep sounding like the well-known Norah Jones version, this refreshing new take on it, is silky smooth and almost playful. How to describe her voice? Not as flowery as Jane Monheit, more full and round than Diana Krall's whisper, and more self-contained than Linda Ronstadt rattling the windows. She has a smooth, easy on the ears voice, with both a wide range and a wide comfort zone. Seeming to be equally at home with standards, blues, or jazz, Judy Akin is a gem.
Bob Scott - (May 19, 2011)
CHRISTMAS Reviewed 11-01-07
Judy Akin

"Judy Akin has put together a perfect little collection of smooth and easy songs for the Holidays. Her voice is warm inviting and controlled and in a range that is very similar to the wonderful Karen Carpenter. It is going to be difficult to find a more perfect Christmas CD this year that is going to be as warm as a hickory fire in your own fireplace."
CashBox Magazine, Inc (Nov 1, 2007)
"Every now and then, we hear a CD compilation cut that really stands out. We found this on the new CDX compilation. I was primarily attracted to the original song and the good, earthy style of Judy Akin. The production is a perfect match for the material and the vocal. I hope we can all listen to more Judy Akin/Steven McClintock things in the near future"
Label: 37Records
Producer: Steven McClintock
Chuck Chellman - Publisher - Parade of Stars e-News (Dec 7, 2007)
Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts -

She is the singer who is recognized as one of Orange County's musical treasures. Her sensual, electrifying, and passionate voice has captured the hearts of fans worldwide through her recordings and stage appearances. He is the songwriter, singer, and musician who has more than 150 songs to his credit and has been honored with a BMI Songwriter Award. Together, Judy Akin and Steven McClintock are a musical force. In a special Sierra Nights performance, the duo performs classic and new American standards, delivering music that is sweet, soulful, and satisfying. Judy Akin and Steven McClintock is the replacement for the originally scheduled Alison Brown Quartet.
"Her singing is pure and affecting" -- Orange County Register

Price: $22.50
Orange County Register (Apr 18, 2007)
EvO:R Street Journal -

..."The recent holiday release of Judy Akin's Christmas CD entitled SEASONED really ended the year with a bang selling out of the first run within four weeks of delivery."
M12N Music Industry News Network (Jan 6, 2007)

CDBaby Reviewer

Just what I was looking for...
****4 Stars

Judy's CD is just what I was looking for a romantic dinner with the love of my life, my wife, when I cook her a special dinner. It is just as nice in the car on the way to a special restuarant as well. FYI, I had the pleasure of meeting Judy and she is certainly more than just a pretty girl with a great voice. She is a caring person that is putting something back into the community.
As Romantic As It Gets
***** 5 Stars

We were looking for the female complement to Harry Connick, Jr's romantic CD "Only You" - we found it! This is a wonderful compilation of standards sung beautifully in a style that is unique yet reminiscent of the originals. It is our "default" romantic backyard sunset music.
TIMELESS! You'll play it over and over again!
*****5 Stars

Great selection of music! This is a CD that you can play over and over and will withstand the test of time! Beautiful soothing voice!
Great choice of standards - leaves you wanting more.
*****5 Stars

Great selection of standards - some all time favorites. Especially "At Last" - never thought anyone could equal Etta James on this classic, but Judy is every bit as good. A friend recommended this CD and I will certainly suggest it to other friends. Look forward to your next release.
Like falling in love for the first time
***** 5 Stars

Sometimes a song comes along and you instantly love it. Sometimes an exceptional singer is so right for that song, it becomes a classic---for you and everyone else. JUDY AKIN, an exceptional vocal artist, sings eleven all-time-classics on her superb CD, MORE THAN YOU KNOW. Her interpretations make these beloved standards fresh, exciting, and as unforgettable as falling in love for the first time.
Nice, Relaxing CD
*****5 Stars

This is another cd that has not left my stereo since I got it. Very nice, relaxing versions of standards that you can listen to again, and again. This is a cd I can play all the way through because all the songs are great. Anyone who loves standards should enjoy this cd.
Wonderful, romantic, beautiful voice
****4 Stars

This CD has just the right mix of romantic songs with the beautiful soothing voice of Judy Akin. We played it at a dinner party for mixed couples all night and it was wonderful and soothing to the social atmosphere. I plan on buying several as Christmas presents and would love to have more CD's like this one with Judy at the microphone!!
What a treat !!
*****5 Stars

Once I heard this CD I couldn't wait to share it with everyone I know. I sent it as Christmas presents to family and friends. I love listening to it in the car as well as sitting by the fire. Even my three boys love listening to her exquisite voice. What a treat!!!
Amazing voice and a wonderful delivery of some great songs
*****5 Stars

It's nice to have a new voice so pure and still so true to the classic standards that make real music such a pleasure to listen to. Your interpretation of All the Way and Cry Me a River are the best I've heard since the originals.
*****5 Stars

If I could treat all my friends to a cd, it would be this one. Judy sings from her heart -- with honesty, tenderness, strength and great beauty. She brings this collection of songs to life.