Just what I was looking for... ****4 Stars Judy's CD is just what I was looking for a romantic dinner with the love of my life, my wife, when I cook her a special dinner. It is just as nice in the car on the way to a special restuarant as well. FYI, I had the pleasure of meeting Judy and she is certainly more than just a pretty girl with a great voice. She is a caring person that is putting something back into the community.” - Jeff Jones
As Romantic As It Gets ***** 5 Stars We were looking for the female complement to Harry Connick, Jr's romantic CD "Only You" - we found it! This is a wonderful compilation of standards sung beautifully in a style that is unique yet reminiscent of the originals. It is our "default" romantic backyard sunset music.” - Clarence Costa
TIMELESS! You'll play it over and over again! *****5 Stars Great selection of music! This is a CD that you can play over and over and will withstand the test of time! Beautiful soothing voice!” - Lisa Savino
Great choice of standards - leaves you wanting more. *****5 Stars Great selection of standards - some all time favorites. Especially "At Last" - never thought anyone could equal Etta James on this classic, but Judy is every bit as good. A friend recommended this CD and I will certainly suggest it to other friends. Look forward to your next release.” - Ed Starr
Like falling in love for the first time ***** 5 Stars Sometimes a song comes along and you instantly love it. Sometimes an exceptional singer is so right for that song, it becomes a classic---for you and everyone else. JUDY AKIN, an exceptional vocal artist, sings eleven all-time-classics on her superb CD, MORE THAN YOU KNOW. Her interpretations make these beloved standards fresh, exciting, and as unforgettable as falling in love for the first time.” - Jay Hoyland
Nice, Relaxing CD *****5 Stars This is another cd that has not left my stereo since I got it. Very nice, relaxing versions of standards that you can listen to again, and again. This is a cd I can play all the way through because all the songs are great. Anyone who loves standards should enjoy this cd.” - Stephanie Gwinn
Wonderful, romantic, beautiful voice ****4 Stars This CD has just the right mix of romantic songs with the beautiful soothing voice of Judy Akin. We played it at a dinner party for mixed couples all night and it was wonderful and soothing to the social atmosphere. I plan on buying several as Christmas presents and would love to have more CD's like this one with Judy at the microphone!!” - Lynn Hall
What a treat !! *****5 Stars Once I heard this CD I couldn't wait to share it with everyone I know. I sent it as Christmas presents to family and friends. I love listening to it in the car as well as sitting by the fire. Even my three boys love listening to her exquisite voice. What a treat!!!” - Lisa Holevas
Amazing voice and a wonderful delivery of some great songs *****5 Stars It's nice to have a new voice so pure and still so true to the classic standards that make real music such a pleasure to listen to. Your interpretation of All the Way and Cry Me a River are the best I've heard since the originals.” - Judy Niemann
Timeless *****5 Stars If I could treat all my friends to a cd, it would be this one. Judy sings from her heart -- with honesty, tenderness, strength and great beauty. She brings this collection of songs to life.” - Jane Flansburg