CD "Timeless"

Timeless is a collaboration of many talents and legends within the music industry including Dan Wallin, Patrick Woodland, Max Bennett, Karen Hammack, Matt Fronke, Chuck Berghofer, George Doering, Greg Vail, Ralph Humphrey, Rob Whitlock, Mike Miller, Joey Heredia, Gary Meek, Richard Bredice, and Michael Aarvold. We recorded at Oceanway Studios, Hollywood and mixed at Capitol Records (Studio A), Hollywood.

Please visit my "Musicians & Engineers" page to review and learn more about the amazing individuals who made this CD possible! A few more links will be added over the next couple months. A special "Thank You" to Cris Barber for my CD design! Timeless is now available for purchase from CDBaby - downloads will be available on CDBaby and iTunes soon!

I would enjoy hearing from you, so please send me a message about the music or write a brief review on CDBaby. I'm thrilled to finally share the finished CD with my dear family, friends, and fans! With love, Judy

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Single: Can't Help Lovin' That Man

Slightly Different! Inspired by memories of hot summers and cool, swampy lakes..."Can't Help Lovin' That Man," is performed with a beat and a snarly bass...sure to put a kick in your boots and a tap in your shoes. Click here: Download from CDbaby

Single: If I Only Had a Brain

Performed as a ballad, "If I Only Had A Brain," reflects on tender emotions about longing for love...when love seems out of reach. Click here: Download from CDbaby

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CD: More Than You Know

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